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To make gliding competition safe and fun for everybody it's very important that all competitors follow the same code of conduct. This is the code.

On task with other glider
On task at Swedish nationals 2017

1.First person in the thermal decide the turning direction
If your number two to the thermal you just have to turn the same way, no exceptions. Even if you enter the thermal with an enormous hight difference this applies so that pilots that enter after you don't have to decide to thermal same as the pilot above or below. Everyone same direction.

2.Don't disturb the pilots already in the thermal
When you enter a thermal where there already are gliders make sure your entry does not disturb the pilots that are already there. The pilots that are already there have spent some time to find the core and if you disturb them they will de-center the core and both you and them have a disadvantage from it.

3.The competition starts after crossing the start line
Before crossing the start line there is no need to thermal tight and close to others.

4.Leeching or following other pilots all the time is not fair game
If you find yourself flying in the gaggle all the time without being out in front leading the pack, your just another leech. Don't be a leech, it's not a defining character of a champion pilot.

5.A gliding competition is conducted to find the best glider pilot
Defining characteristics of the best glider pilot is not only getting around the task as fast as possible but also doing it safely. Don't try to win by doing more stupid things than the other pilots.

6.Cloud flying is forbidden, respect it
You are in the cloud when it's not possible to see the horizon in more than half the turn, leave immediately, remember code 5 above.

7.We do it just for fun
There is seldom any prize money or other big personal gains from winning a competition. The only thing is the honour of being the best. We compete for fun so don't take unnecessary risk or do unsafe manoeuvres.

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